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Survival Spotlight10

How to Choose a Flood-Safe Campsite

Survival in the outdoors involves choosing safe campsites, so follow these tips to camp in an area free from flood danger.

The Compass: Basic and Advanced Features

Use this overview of basic and advanced features to choose a compass--an essential piece of survival gear--that best fits your needs.

The Barometric Altimeter: Survival Uses and Types

Know how to use a barometric altimeter, which senses changes in air pressure and can be used to offer important information about elevation and location.

How to Make a Pine Pitch Torch

When you need a natural light source, use pine pitch as a fuel to illuminate your surroundings.

Survival Gear Overview: The SPOT Gen3™ Satellite Messenger

When you need assistance in a survival situation, the new SPOT Gen3 can relay your message from areas that extend beyond cell phone range.

How to Cross a Tyrolean Traverse

Follow these steps to cross a Tyrolean traverse, a fixed line that aids hikers when crossing raging rivers and other challenging terrain.

Preventing and Surviving Anaphylactic Reactions in the Outdoors

Know how to handle anaphylaxis in an outdoor setting, as a severe allergic reaction can be even more problematic for the person affected and for those in your group.

Complete Survival Basics for Under $100

Use this gear guide to select basic survival gear including a fire starter, knife, emergency shelter, and first-aid kit, all for under $100.

How to Use a Signal Mirror for Wilderness Rescue

Using a signal mirror or an improvised signaling device requires knowledge and practice, but it’s a skill that can save your life in an emergency.

How to Call for Emergency Wilderness Rescue

When you call from a mobile device for help in a wilderness emergency, make sure that you’re prepared to relay the most important information.

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